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The Early Childhood Education Program includes a variety of curriculums targeting all academic areas.
Our curriculum includes a variety of themes based upon topical units (seasons, family, animals, etc.) The curriculum is presented throughout the day at circle time, center-based activities, and structured play.

Growing with Mathematics:

This fun, hands-on program develops early mathematical language and skills through very purposeful activities targeting age-appropriate learning.

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science:

This program helps children begin to acquire the all-important science inquiry skills that they will use throughout their lives as they observe, measure, compare, classify, make models, communicate, infer, put things in order, predict, investigate, and draw conclusions.


A systematic, sequential, and multi-sensory method of teaching reading and writing skills. Key components targeted at preschool are phonological awareness, sound mastery and phonics.

Braidy, the Story Braid:

Braidy, the Story Braid is a tool used to help children retell and develop a story. Braidy is composed of parts (icons) that will help students remember the important elements of a story, such as character and setting. These skills are essential for learning how to retell a story and ultimately writing the story.

Second Step:

A social skills curriculum teaching children how to identify feelings, respond empathetically to others, and to develop independent problem-solving strategies for social conflicts.

Handwriting Without Tears:

A complete handwriting curriculum which introduces school readiness activities for young children of all ability levels. The children have fun as they develop handwriting skills through music, building, coloring and multi-sensory activities.


Computers, iPads and Eno Interactive White Boards are in each classroom. Various websites, programs and applications supplement all areas of development.

Parental Involvement:

We encourage parents to share information and experiences about their child at home.

For additional information, or to set up a screening, please call Ashley Ladr at 860-647-3483.